The SPL-1500 tour guide system offers high quality digital sound, with background noise cancellation, and a double frequency filter to completely eliminate any unwanted external noise or signal. Its range reaches up to 300 meters without interference. Its use is recommended in adverse and industrial conditions. Designed for intensive daily use, it is drop resistant.

It incorporates a high performance lithium battery that allows up to 18 hours of use between charges. The charge is fast, about 1 hour and a half, optimizing the use of the whisper systems.

Dimensions of the transmitter: 71x45x15 mm. Dimensions of the receiver: 71x45x15 mm. Weight of the transmitter 112 gr. Weight of the receiver 96 gr. 24 months warranty. Product with CE marking and RoHS conformity certificate.

Transmitter model SPL-1500T

Transmitter Tour guide system model SPL-1500T

Receiver model SPL-1500R

Receiver Tour guide system model SPL-1500R

Accessories for tour guide systems:

Head microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Head microphone

Tie microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Tie microphone

Pencil microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Pencil microphone

Earset Luna-03 for whisper systems

Monaural earphone

Headphones AGC2 for whisper systems

Headphones AGC2 model

Headphones AGM for whisper systems

Headphones AGM model

Disposable earbuds for whisper systems

Disposable earbuds

Magnetic loop for whisper systems

Magnetic loop for hearing aid

UV-C and ozone disinfection cabinet for whisper systems

Disinfection cabinet
by UV-C rays and ozone

Charging case for 32 tour guide systems

Charging case for
32 tour guide systems

Textile suitcase SPL56 for transportation of 56 tour guide systems

Textile suitcase SPL56 for transportation of 56 tour guide systems

Charging case for 60 tour guide systems

Charging case for
60 tour guide systems


The tour guide systems are highly user-friendly. The devices come with all the necessary accessories and with an easy to follow user manual. In addition, brief instructions of the first steps are included to quickly bring the user up to speed on how to perform basic operations.

Note: Should you ever have any questions, you can always take advantage of our free customer support through phone or email.

When preparing for a tour, the guide need only charge up the whisper systems and ensure the same channel is selected on both the transmitter and the receivers. Changing channels is incredibly simple, the process of which is outlined in the user manual. The headphones must be plugged into the appropriate connector.

During the visit, participants need only turn on the tourguide systems and adjust the volume to their preferred level; these whisper systems don’t require any more input from the user.

These group guiding systems don’t require any special maintenance, and there are no ongoing costs after purchase.

Bluehertz Audioguides has its own repair service that boasts an average delivery time of 96 hours and offers a 2-year guarantee on all its products. 

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