Tour guide system SPL1360 magnetic model


The most recommended group guiding system for quality tours

The SPL-1360 magnetic tour guide system offers high quality digital sound with noise cancellation, and has a range of up to 250 meters without interference. These devices for guided tours are especially suitable for noisy and urban environments due to their high volume.

The SPL-1360 magnetic whisper systems can be worn comfortably around the neck all day long thanks to their low weight. They are designed for intensive daily use and are drop and weather resistant. 

  • Maximum sound quality, without noise or interferences.
  • Maintains the recommended interpersonal distance
  • Lightweight, rugged and very easy to handle
Transmitter tour guide system SPL-1360 magnetic model

Transmitter Tour guide system SPL-1360 magnetic

Receiver tour guide SPL-1360 magnetic model

Receiver Tour guide system SPL-1360 magnetic

NEW! Charging system by magnetic contact

The SPL1360 magnetic tour guide system incorporates a high-performance lithium battery that allows up to 19 hours of uninterrupted use between charges. Charging is fast, in approximately 90 minutes, optimizing the use of the whisper system.

Equipped with a magnetic connector, charging the equipment is very convenient for the user: connection is simpler and faster than with a traditional cable, and the magnetic connector cannot break, even if the cable is pulled sharply.  

Magnetic contact charging system

Magnetic contact charging connector

Tour guide system with magnetic contact charging system

Charging case for 32 tour guide systems 

This case designed by Bluehertz Audioguides is ideal for museums and tourist offices: each tour guide system is inserted into a charging slot, and charging starts automatically. Charging time is only 90 minutes. In addition, its compact and optimized size makes it a perfect solution for storage and occasional transport of whisper systems.   

Charging case for tour guide system model SPL1360
Textile case and multiple charger

This solution is especially recommended for tour guides, cultural associations and travel agencies that have to travel with the equipment for one or several days. The textile case allows you to store and transport all the material, while each multiple charger allows to charge up to 16 whisper systems simultaneously.

Textile case and multiple charger for tour guide systems

Accessories for whisper systems

We offer different models of microphones and headsets to optimally adapt the use of tour guide systems to all environments: urban tours, noisy areas, building interiors, conference rooms, etc. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice to find the solution best suited to your requirements.

Head microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Head microphone

Tie microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Tie microphone

Pencil microphone - tour guide system, whisper system

Pencil microphone

Earset Luna-03 for whisper systems

Monaural earphone

Headphones AGC2 for whisper systems

Headphones AGC2 model

Headphones AGM for whisper systems

Headphones AGM model

Disposable earbuds for whisper systems

Disposable earbuds

Magnetic loop for whisper systems

Magnetic loop for hearing aid

UV-C and ozone disinfection cabinet for whisper systems

Disinfection cabinet
by UV-C rays and ozone


The tour guide systems, also called whispers systems, are highly user-friendly. The devices come with all the necessary accessories and with an easy to follow user manual. In addition, brief instructions of the first steps are included to quickly bring the user up to speed on how to perform basic operations.

Note: Should you ever have any questions, you can always take advantage of our free customer support through phone or email.

When preparing for a tour, the guide need only charge up the tourguide systems and ensure the same channel is selected on both the transmitter and the receivers. Changing channels is incredibly simple, the process of which is outlined in the user manual. The headphones must be plugged into the appropriate connector.

During the visit, participants need only turn on the devices and adjust the volume to their preferred level; these whisper systems don’t require any more input from the user.

Tour guide systems don’t require any special maintenance, and there are no ongoing costs after purchase.

Bluehertz Audioguides has its own repair service that boasts an average delivery time of 96 hours and offers a 2-year guarantee on all its products. 

Technical features:

  • Tour guide system SPL1360 magnetic model  with digital transmission.
  • Range up to 250m line of sight.
  • 99 channels available.
  • High sound quality, no noise or interference.
  • Output for stereo headphones 3.5mm jack.
  • Magnetic loop for hearing impaired with hearing aid and cochlear implant.
  • Drop and weather resistant chassis, designed for intensive use.
  • Intelligent charging system by magnetic connector.
  • High performance rechargeable battery, no memory effect.
  • Up to 19 hours of uninterrupted use, with a charging time of 90 minutes.
  • Auto-off function.
  • Dimensions: 50 x 65 x 17mm. Weight: 51 grams.
  • Product approved with CE mark, FCC and RoHS certificate.
  • Warranty 24 months.
  • Repair service in 96 hours.
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