Solution very similar to an App available from Google Play Store, the Web App offers the same advantages and the same experience for the visitor: you can navigate from your mobile device through an intuitive and easy to use menu, to discover all the contents of the audio guide: audios, videos, photos, maps, 3D historical recreations, 360º virtual reality...

Its use is intended for any device (smartphone, tablet...), of any brand and any operating system. It does not require the user to download any application, just scan the QR code and connect to the internet to browse the Web App and discover the contents.

It avoids the loan of devices, and attracts a younger audience, who enjoy new technologies and want to approach culture in a more participatory way.

In collaboration with the client, Bluehertz Audioguides carries out the complete process in its different phases of design, programming, debugging and commissioning of the audio guide.

Audio guide web application
Audioguide App cell phone
Audioguides available on Internet
Audio guides web applications PWA
Audioguide Web App
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Audio guide devices, Multimedia audio guides,
Audio guide GPS tourist bus-train, charging bases and accessories.

Tourguide systems for guided visits

Tourguide systems

Group guidance systems, headsets, charging cases, tour guide systems accessories.

Mobiles Applications

Mobile Applications

Audioguides available from mobile devices, web App, downloadable App from Google Store.

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Audioguides in several languages, translations, voiceovers. Audio descriptions, signoguides, visual contents for audioguides. 3D Reality.