Audio guide multimedia model AG95


Create a complete and unforgettable visitor experience

Some customers are looking for a more complete and sophisticated audio guide, without sacrificing ease of use for the visitor.

Our AG95 model offers the possibility of creating a complete and varied tour, completely adapted to the requirements of each client. The AG95 audio guide allows you to listen to audio, play videos, view photos and images, consult your location in real time on Google Maps and the location of points of interest on the map, and much more! All from a user-friendly interactive menu for users of all ages, thanks to its high-resolution touch screen.

And for those who want to offer a truly unforgettable visit experience, how about doing it with 360º virtual reality and a historical reconstruction of the site in 3D?

  • Excellent performance
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • 100% customizable menus and audiovisual content

5.5" touch screen

A large screen for a perfect display of the contents.

Simple and intuitive navigation

Suitable for all audiences, from the youngest to the most experienced.

Lanyard and protective cover included

To carry the audio guide comfortably around the neck and secured from unexpected falls.

Audioguide AG95 with neck strap and case

Built-in speaker

Allows playback at ambient volume.

Headphone output

Allows to listen to the audio guide with headphones.

New magnetic contact charging system

Magnetic connector for a fast, convenient, secure and unbreakable connection

Customization of contents:

Examples of customization of contents for audio guides model AG95:
maps, photos, texts in several languages... can perfect the visit.

Audioguide multimedia AG95 main menu

Audioguide AG95: main menu

Audioguide multimedia AG95 introduction

Introduction with images and
and old documents

Audioguide multimedia AG95 information

Information about a point of interest
on the tourist route

Audioguide multimedia AG95, points of interest

Audio guide AG95
Tour points of interest

Audioguide multimedia AG95, monument

Access to information
about a monument

Audioguide multimedia AG95, geolocated map

Geolocated map for audioguide AG95

Audioguide multimedia AG95, audio tracks

Audios available in several languages

Audioguide multimedia AG95, main menu

Audioguide AG95: main menu

Audioguide multimedia AG95, geolocated map

Geolocated map for audioguide AG95

Virtual Reality 3D for audio guides AG95

Historical recreation of a building for audio guide AG95

Virtual Reality 3D for audio guides AG95

Historical recreation of a point of interest for audio guide AG95

Video playback in the audioguide AG95

Audioguide AG95: video playback

Video playback in the audioguide AG95

Audioguide AG95: video playback

Charging systems:

Charging box for 20 multimedia audioguides model AG95

This case is very practical: each audio guide is inserted into a magnetic connector charging slot, and charging starts automatically. Charging time is only 80 minutes. In addition, its compact and optimized size makes it a perfect solution for storing and transporting multimedia audio guides.

Charging case for audio guides AG95
Charging base for 10 multimedia audioguides model AG95

Designed for a small number of audio guides, and for very small spaces, this smart charging base charges 10 devices simultaneously in just 80 minutes. Simply place the audio guides in the slots, and the magnetic connector connects by itself - simple, fast, and very efficient!

Charging station for audio guides AG95

Accessories (optional):

Earset model Luna03 for audio guides

Earset model Luna03

Headphones model AGC2 for audio guides

Headphones model AGC2

Magnetic loop for audio guides

Magnetic loop

UVC ozone disinfection cabinet for audio guides

UVC-ozone disinfection cabinet.

Technical features:

  • AG95 audiovisual and audio guide player device with 5.5-inch, high-resolution, 16 million colors, widescreen multi-touch touch screen.
  • Built-in loudspeaker for ambient playback, stereo headphone output.
  • High capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery (3000 mAh), fast charge in 80 minutes.
  • Dimensions 146,1 x 71,6 x 9,9 mm, weight 168 g.
  • 32GB internal memory.
  • Customized menus and visual appearance with the customer's corporate image.
  • Content of the audio guide adapted to the tour, and in several languages.
  • Option of adding a map with user and points of interest geolocation on Google Maps.
  • Delivered with drop and liquid protection, and with lanyard included. 
  • Warranty 24 months. 
  • Repair service in 96 hours.
  • Product developed in Spain.
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