Audio guide GPS for buses and trains


The audio guide that goes aboard tourist trains, buses and boats

This audio guide is especially designed for tourist trains and buses: its high-precision GPS antenna detects when each audio must be played, without the driver having to be aware of activating them or providing input.

Easily configurable and updatable, it can be used for several routes, either different routes or round trips.

  • Up to 99 different routes
  • Easy configuration
  • Automatic playback of audios
GPS Audioguide device – Main screen – Audioguide with GPS antenna for tour trains and buses
GPS Audioguide for tour trains and buses – Loading screen and route selection
GPS Audioguide for tour trains and buses – Screen indicating GPS satellites received by audioguide device
GPS audioguide for tour trains and buses – Configuration software for GPS audioguide routes
Audioguide for tour trains and buses – Google Earth to create GPS audioguide route
Touristic train with GPS audioguide
Touristic train with GPS audioguide device

Technical features:

  • Audio guide device with GPS antenna model Mini-AGTBM for tourist buses and trains.
  • Routes easily configurable with Google Earth.
  • Routes update through USB port.
  • Multiple configurable routes.
  • High accuracy of GPS signal.
  • 16GB internal memory.
  • Adjustable stereo audio output up to 15 Watts RMS.
  • Metal chassis with wings.
  • Panel and button panel designed for intensive use, black color.
  • Power supply range from 10 to 32 volts.
  • Dimensions: 125x75x25mm. Weight 392 grams.
  • Includes GPS antenna, cables and management software. Ready to use.
  • Warranty 24 months.
  • Repair service in 96 hours.
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