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Since 2006, Bluehertz Audioguides has been equipping museums, tourist offices, travel agencies, tour companies and tour guides to offer tours of the highest quality.

A tour where the visitor does the tour independently? Our audio guides are the perfect solution.
What if a guide accompanies and explains to the group during the tour? Then visitors will appreciate the sound quality and ease of use of our tour guide systems.

We are experts in the manufacture of audio guides and tour guide systems, and we have our own technology and production workshops in Spain. We are in constant development to propose innovative solutions using new technologies. The audio guides available through applications (Apps) are a playful and immersive way to bring culture to a wider audience, and create an original experience.
We are also specialists in the creation of content for audio guides, accompanying our clients in all phases of the project: script writing, translations and voiceovers in several languages, dramatized audio guides, audio guides accessible to blind people (audio descriptions), audio guides in sign language, 3D historical recreations, 360º virtual tours...

We put ourselves at the service of museums and companies to offer them material completely adapted to their needs, but without losing sight of the satisfaction of the end user: the visitor. The goal is to create an unforgettable experience for the visitor, and a practical and durable system for the museums that acquire it.

Thousands of customers have already trusted us, in more than 30 countries. 

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Below, you can find audioguides describing interesting places.

Audioguide of London

Saint Edward the Confessor ordered the construction of a palace on the borders of the River Thames to use as his residence at the end of the 11th century. A fire destroyed part of the building in 1529 which prompted the residing king, Henry VIII, to move to another palace. Since then, it has been used by the two Houses of Parliament and the Court of Justice. Another terrible fire, this time caused by a stove in the House of Lords, almost completely destroyed the palace in 1834. After the catastrophe, the palace was rebuilt from the ground up, and the few structures that remained were conserved. During World War II, the Germans succeeded in bombing the House of Commons. At present, the palace you can visit with the audioguide (audioguides) consists of about 1,200 rooms...

Audioguide of London, audiotour, tourguide

Audioguide of Cairo

Welcome to Cairo! Our audio guide (audio guides) will accompany you throughout your visit to the Egyptian capital to show you the highlights of the city. Thousands of years of civilization have left so rich a legacy and so many treasures that a few days would not be enough to discover them all!
With 20 million inhabitants, Cairo is the most populous city in Africa, and it is a vibrant, dynamic, spectacular city. In the streets of the Egyptian capital the memories of the ancient era of the pharaohs and the Islamic tradition of the country converge.
The Nile flows through the city and Cairenes love to go out for dinner on one of the boats that ply the river. After an intense day of sightseeing, you can always seek refuge from the hubbub in one of its cafes, smoking a sisha or simply sipping a refreshing "karkade," the hibiscus tea...

Audioguide of Cairo, audiotour

Audioguide of Dubai

Welcome to an unreal world, an oasis in the middle of the desert, a world where the most extravagant dreams come true... No project is too ambitious, and the city of Dubai has a collection of records: the highest, the most luxurious, the most incredible in the world is located in Dubai.
Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, an Islamic and Arab country in the Middle East, which was established in 1971 after the end of the protectorate of the United Kingdom, thanks to the enormous efforts of its leaders. The discovery of oil in Dubai in the 1960s brought about a significant change in its economy and administration.
Despite its relatively short existence, it has inherited its own unique traditions and customs that distinguish it from neighboring countries. With the audio guide (audio guides) you will discover...

Audioguide of Dubai, audiotour

Audioguide of Paris

This site we discover with the audioguide (audioguides) has been occupied by different religious buildings since the Roman era. First, there was a temple dedicated to Jupiter, then an early medieval church in the 6th century called Saint-Etienne, and later a Romanesque church. The structure we can see today was dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was built between 1163 and 1245 in a Gothic style. It has been renovated several times during its 800-year history, the most significant of which was undertaken in the 19th century to repair damage from the French Revolution.
Its famous gargoyles have been rebuilt. Furthmore, various parts of the structure such as the steeple of the dome have been restored, which features a bronze rooster adorned with three relics sitting on a cross. At 93 meters high, it serves as a kind of spiritual lightning rod that protects the faithful of Notre Dame during thunderstorms...

Audioguide of Paris, audiotour

Audioguide of Bordeaux

Although it may be known around the world for its high-quality wine, the city of Bordeaux has a lot to offer every kind of traveller, as we’ll discover with this audio guide (audio guides). Located near the Atlantic coast in southwest France, Bordeaux is the capital of the Aquitaine region. The Garonne River runs straight through the city, while the last bridge to cross over its banks to the north is the Pont d'Aquitaine. Its long and wide streets, magnificent buildings, and laid back atmosphere make the city one of the most popular places to visit in France. Bordeaux has the nickname "sleeping beauty" for its charm and peaceful way of being. UNESCO declared the old town a World Heritage Site in 2007. Bordeaux has several important… 

Audioguide of Bordeaux, audioguides, audio guide, audio guides

Audioguide of Rome

The Colosseum is symbolic to Rome. Entering its gates with the audioguide (audioguides) takes you back 2,000 years to the most majestic and splendid era of the Roman Empire. Under the motto "Pan et Circus", the Roman Colosseum, which was initially known as the Flavio Amphitheater, allowed more than 50,000 people to enjoy spectacles such as war recreations, exotic animal displays, prisoner executions and gladiatorial battles to the death. Its construction began in 72 AD under the rule of Emperor Vespasian and ended in 80 AD during the mandate of Emperor Tito. Tito inaugurated the edifice with 100 days of lavish games which cost the lives of over 2,000 gladiators. The Colosseum became the largest amphitheater of the empire. It featured a canvas roof to protect the public from the sun, while machinery and cages were buried under the sand...

Audio guide of Rome, audiotour

Audioguide of Berlin

At the end of World War II, the allies divided Berlin into four sectors: the French, English, American, and Soviet. Shortly afterward, the western sectors united to become the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), while Russia constituted the German Democratic Republic (GDR) to the east. Each state followed a distinct socio-economic model. Emigration from east to west proliferated, with almost 3 million people crossing the border over time. As a result, in the dead of night on August 12, 1961, the Soviets erected a temporary fence that ran 155 km across the city. With it, they could secure 69 of the 81 control points that provided access between the two sections over the city. Over the next few days, the Soviets would replace the clandestine fence with an imposing brick wall, described in this audioguide (audioguides), forcibly evicting the residents whose houses stood in the way...

Audio guide of Berlin, audiotour

Audioguide of Florence    

Construction of the city cathedral began in 1296. Upon its completion 72 years later, it was the largest building in Europe. The black plague that laid waste to the city occurred during its construction. Its name comes from the lily flower, which is a symbol of Florence and part of its flag. Crowning the edifice is a great dome, which was built almost a century later by Filippo Brunelleschi. Its design was inspired by the Pantheon of Rome, which full audioguide (audioguides) is available on our website. Due to the excessive weight of the Dome, Brunelleschi studied for years to invent a new and ingenious masonry method which was based on using a composition of crossing bricks. The result was a double self-supporting dome, measuring 114 meters high and containing 463 steps. The last flight of stairs at the top of the dome is almost vertical between the interior and exterior cupola...

Audioguide of Florence, audiotour

Audio guide of Vienna

Welcome! Welcome to Vienna! Our audio guide (audio guides) will accompany you throughout your stay in the Austrian capital. By listening to the audio guide, you will discover the most significant monuments and learn some relevant historical facts. Visiting Vienna is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the imperial grandeur of the city, once the heart of the powerful Habsburg monarchy. The splendor and sumptuousness of its many palaces and monuments leave an indelible mark on the visitor.
Few cities can boast so much cultural and historical offerings. Cradle of the music par excellence, you will be able to immerse yourself in the works of Mozart, ...

Audioguide of Vienna (audio guide, audio guides, audio guide, audio tour, audio tours)

Audio guide of Munich

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about Munich? Oktoberfest, for sure! And that's understandable since between six and seven million visitors gather yearly in the Bavarian capital for Oktoberfest. But Munich has so much more to offer! In fact, it is one of the most interesting cities in Germany, with many tourist attractions that will appeal both to culture lovers and beer fans. Munich's most outstanding feature is its historic center, which revolves around Marienplatz and its emblematic New Town Hall, places that you will discover accompanied by this audio guide (audio guides). But don't forget to relax in its parks, enter its churches, visit its museums, or drink a large glass of beer in one of its many breweries.

Audio guide of Munich

Audio guide of Brussels

Have you chosen Brussels as your next destination? It’s an excellent choice! Both beautiful and dynamic, the Belgian capital is sure to seduce you. It knows how to use all its assets: culture, architecture, entertainment, gastronomy ... We can also count on its inhabitants' good humour and the typical atmosphere we find around its streets! More than any other city, Brussels has the secret to best satisfy its visitors. You will certainly be amazed by the beauty of the Grand-Place and its lights. Don’t hesitate to stroll around the Marolles market while discovering the poetic and pictorial universe of Magritte. But don't miss out on good mussels and fries accompanied by a local beer. And then, fall back into childhood by following in the footsteps of your favourite comic book heroes!
Make your stay in Brussels an unforgettable experience: this audio guide (audio guides) will accompany you step by step through... 

Audioguide of Brussels, audiotour

Audioguide of Lisbon

This tower was built in 1515 in honor of the patron saint of Lisbon, Saint Vincent. Over time, it would become one of the most representative examples of Manueline architecture. Due to its strategic location at the mouth of the Tagus, it was first used as a defense tower to protect the entrance of the port. From this region, many explorers would roam the oceans in search of new lands and maritime routes in Asia, Africa and Americas. Its use changed as the years passed. For a period it served as a customs office, then later as a jail to house political prisoners. The tower is divided into five floors that you can visit with the audioguide (audioguides). On the first three, we can see the Governor's Hall, the Hall of the Kings and the Audience Hall. On the fourth and fifth floors are the Chapel and the Terrace... 

Audioguide of Lisbon, audiotour

Audio guide of Zaragoza

We are with the audioguide (audioguides) in front of the Aljafería, the most important Islamic civil construction of the XI century which was erected as a leisure palace by the Muslim monarchs of Zaragoza. It was also the headquarters of the first order cultural court, where King Al-Muqtadir surrounded himself with scientists and intellectuals, turning it into one of the most exciting periods in the city's history. We can still recall the splendour of the taifal palace when entering the Patio of Santa Isabel, strolling past the orange trees, under the arcades, looking out the oratory and contemplating its entirety from the Golden Room. It is worth stopping with the audioguide (audioguides) at the oratory or mihrab, which faces the Mecca and is of small dimensions due to its private use.In this area, the mixtilinear and multi-foliated arches of indisputable quality are also worth mentioning, making La Aljafería...

Audio guide of Zaragoza

Audio guide of Aranjuez (dramatized and for children)

The first Spanish Habsburgs established the itinerant Castilian court in the centre of Spain, and Aranjuez - between Toledo and Spain - became the regular residence of Emperor Charles V; subsequently, Phillip II of Spain came up with the idea of a system of Royal Sites around the new capital. The court would remain in Madrid during the winter and it would embark on the Royal Progresses the rest of the year: Aranjuez in spring, Escorial in summer and Granja in autumn. Throughout Europe, royal sites were a display of the most refined architecture, gardening and decorative arts. King Ferdinand VI and his wife Barbara of Portugal were deeply in love with the city described in this audioguide (audioguides), and during their pacific reign, astounding celebrations were the norm in a courtly, populous, comfortable and cheerful town. During the reign of CHARLES III...

Audio guide of Aranjuez