Bluehertz creates videos, animations, maps and other content for its audio guides. The creation of multimedia content is designed according to the needs of each particular tour and client. Our aim is to enrich each visit by helping one understand the elements of an exposition in such a way as to unite knowledge with entertainment. The result is a memorable tour experience and an overall higher level of visitor satisfaction.

It is also possible to add already-existing content such as maps owned by the museum, as well as other documents of interest, to the audio guide players.

Below are samples of videos and other creations.

Video for audioguide Greenway

Sign language video of the Sierra Greenway (Sevilla-Cadiz)

Video for audioguide - introduction


Video for audioguide - Goya

Ibercaja Museum

Video for audioguide - Cathedral

Basilica of Pilar

Video for audioguide - museum

Pablo Gargallo Museum

Video for audioguide - castle


Video for audioguide - Pilar Square

Pilar square and surroundings

Video for audioguide - Theater

Theater and baths

Water park

Water park

Farewell of audio guide

Customizing menus for audio guide hand player model AG55

Map for audio guide

Customizing map for audio guide hand player model AG45

Map for audio guide - all levels of museum

Customizing map for audio guide hand player model AG85