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Bluehertz Audio guides has developed a professional audio guide service for mobile phones. Along with the traditional audio guide service available in museums and tourist sites, it is now possible to offer visitors the same service by way of one’s own mobile phone. New capabilities of mobile devices make it possible to provide a complete audio guide service with audio recordings accompanied by additional content. Photos, texts and maps are new elements added to audios.

bluetooth wifi audio guide service - monuments
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - introduction
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - main menu
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - welcome to Nerja
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - starting
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - option list

The map in the audio guide has geotagging. If the user's mobile device has GPS capability, the audio guide will indicate his position on the map.

gps for audioguide

Below is a list of the major mobile operating systems compatible with the audio guide service by bluetooth-wifi Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG. The audio guide service covers 94% of the mobile market. That is to say, it is compatible with almost all mobile phones. The audio guide works properly on Symbian, Java, Android, and Windows Mobile in Standard, Business and Professional, Windows Phone7, Blackberry and Bada versions.

audio guide works properly - OS list

Below is a list of leading brands of mobile manufacturers that are compatible with the audio guide system by bluetooth-wifi Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG:

mobile manufacturers audio guide supported

How does it work?

The audio guide service by bluetooth-wifi Bluehertz works very simply. The audioguide is quickly transferred by bluetooth or wifi to the user’s mobile phone at the beginning of the tour, thanks to the Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG audio guide equipment, which is located, for example, in a tourist office. Since the user doesn’t need help, he can download the audio guides at any time from outside, even if the office is closed. The equipment is installed inside the office in order to keep it safe from vandalism. Tourists also have the option of downloading the audio guides through an Internet connection from the website of the municipality or agency.

The user, after downloading the content, can play the audio files from his mobile phone. After the visit, he can replay the audio files, as these are stored on his mobile phone. The audio guide provides a friendly, graphical interface on the screen of the mobile phone. It's simple, intuitive and easy to use, ready to be used by anyone.

Audio guide equipment Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG

Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG
Audio guide equipment

The Bluehertz MBCT-W-AG audio guide equipment is a robust system for professional use, prepared to work without interruption, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once the system starts up, no maintenance tasks are required during its operation. At the request of the customer, audio guide content can be remotely updated by Bluehertz Audioguides.

Advantages over traditional systems

This new audio guide (audio guides) service has the following advantages over traditional systems:


System uses the user's own phone, so there is no loss of the player device. The process of delivery, return, and equipment maintenance disappear, along with battery charging, replacement of equipment, etc.. All maintenance costs disappear.


There is no need of personnel. The user downloads the content without help. The handling of the audio guide (audio guides) is simple and intuitive.


The audio files are complemented with images, texts, interactive tour maps, and information of interest. There is no limit to the languages available.


The economic cost of the service for tourists is zero. There is no need to connect to the Internet, and no need for 3G-4G data access to download the content. The download is fast and free by wifi or bluetooth. If you download the audio guide (audio guides) from the website of the municipality or agency, the download to the mobile phone may be done by ADSL.


After the tourist returns home, he or she can show the contents of the audio guide (audio guides) to family and friends, remembering the visit and making the location known to potential visitors.


The economic cost of implementing the audio guide (audio guides) system by bluetooth-wifi is significantly lower than any other traditional system.


Bluehertz performs the full implementation of the audio guide (audio guides) system, including translations and creation of the audio files by professional voiceover artists who are native speakers and writers in a host of languages.


Below are images of the audio guide (audio guides) service made for the City Council of Huelva (Andalucia). The audio guide contains 22 points of interest, a map of the city where milestones are referenced, and more info. The service is available in 5 languages, English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

bluetooth wifi audio guide service - Huelva monuments
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - ready to play
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - volume adjust
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - map view
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - Theater
bluetooth wifi audio guide service - place of interest on map