Audio guide player model AV120 with keypad, built-in speaker, 1000 audio tracks per language, 15 available languages. 264 hour capacity for audio. Drop-resistant chassis. Designed for heavy usage. Option to limit maximum volume. Stereo headphone output. Magnetic loop for hearing impaired (optional). Anti-scratch keyboard, resistant to liquids. Polydome buttons good for 100.000 presses. High performance battery with no memory effect. Intelligent charging. Battery charging time 54 minutes. Battery usage time: 30 hours of uninterrupted use. Battery life: 500 weeks (9 years). EU-UK-US plug. USB port for battery charging and audio upload. Audio files in mp3 format. Automatic shutdown in case of inactivity. Warranty: 24 months. Repair service in 96 hours. Includes neck strap. Made in Spain.

Audioguide player model AV120
Audioguide player model AV120 Side view
Audioguide player AV-120 Keypad
Audioguide AV-120
Audioguide AV-120 Usb port
Audioguide AV-120 Smart charger
Headphones model AGR (optional) audioguide AV-120

Headphones model AGR (optional) 

Hygienic and washable covers audioguide AV-120

Hygienic and washable covers

Magnetic loop audioguide AV-120

Magnetic loop