Audio guides

Audio guide players, accessories, smart chargers.


Whisper systems

Tour guide system, earsets, headsets, charger box.

Contents for audioguides


Audios, voice over, audio descriptions, sign language guides, videos.

GPS bus-train, Apps. Conference.

GPS bus - Apps

GPS bus-train, Conference, Apps Audio guide.


Audio guide player model AV100 with keypad, built-in speaker, high capacity rechargeable battery with up to 60 hours of use, auto power-off function, magnetic hearing loop for deaf users, two 3.5 mm stereo headphone output jacks. Fall resistant, long life design for daily use, black color chassis. Available capacity up to 66 hours, up to 99 languages. Smart charger unit with metal chassis to charge 10 audio guide units simultaneously. Two-year warranty. 

Audioguide player AV100

Audio guide AV100

Smart charger for audioguides AV100

Smart charger (recharges up to 10 audio guides at once)

Headphones model AGR (optional)

Headphones model AGR (optional)

Hygienic and washable covers

Hygienic and washable covers

Magnetic loop

Magnetic loop